Trade With Indonesian Remarkable

Indonesia has exported some key products to South Africa and has many other potential products to be exported which identified as the best Indonesian product.

1. Crude Palm Oil (CPO)

2. Textile and Textile Products

3. Electronics

4. Rubber and Rubber Products

5. Wood Products, Pulp and Furniture

6. Chemical Products

7. Metal Products

8. Machinery

9. Processed Foods

10. Automotive Components

pROSPECTIVE products

Trade With Indonesian Remarkable

1. Footwear

2. Jewelry

3. Plastic Products

4. Shrimps

5. Fish and Fish Products

6. Coffee

7. Cocoa and Processed

8. Handicraft

9. Spices

10. Leather and Leather Products

With hundreds of different products, Indonesia is definitely a destination to do business. Come and explore Indonesia's potential to gain its benefits and grow you business. As you partner in doing business with Indonesian companies, ITPC (Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre) Johannesburg is always available and ready to assist you to meet your business demand and to advise you on how to maximize your business profits. Please don't hesitate to contact us for information and inquiry.