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Report on the Series of Business Meeting and Socialization of the 33rd Trade Expo Indonesia Exhibition 2018 in Durban and Peitermaritzburg

August 2018

The Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria and the Johannesburg ITPC held a series of business meetings with Minara Chamber of Commerce, Peitermaritzburg Chambers, visits to a number of Indonesian product importers and the 33rd Trade Expo Indonesia Exhibition on 2018 on 11-14 August2018, in the cities of Durban and Peitermaritzburg, Kwazulu Province -Natal (KZN).

The purpose and objective of the series of business meeting activities is to bring Indonesia closer to business people in Kwazulu-Natal Province (KZN) so that the benefits we get can increase the expansion of business cooperation with a number of business actors and organizations in the KZN region and encourage wider Again, the realization of increased economic cooperation between Indonesia and South Africa, this visit was also used as a means to socialize the 33rd Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) Exhibition on 24-28 October 2018 in BSD City, Tangerang

The event which was attended by approximately 100 professionals and business people in Durban was opened directly by the Deputy Mayor of Ethekweni, Mrs. Fawzia Peer and Secretary of Minara Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Razak Jumuah. The Key note speaker was delivered by Prof. Sibusiso Moyo, deputy vice chancellor from Durban University of Technology who conveyed the importance of women's role as agents of change through innovation and technology

Sunday afternoon meeting on 12 August 2018 was continued with a meeting with the Chairman of the National African Chamber of Commerce (NAFCOC) of the KZN region, Prof.Mandla Buthelesi, who discussed the efforts to develop MSMEs between Indonesia and South Africa

On August 13, 2018 in the morning at the office of the Office of the Chamber of Commerce, a meeting was held with the President of Minara Chambers of Commerce, Mr. Solly Suleman who was accompanied by the Secretary of the Minara of Chamber Mr. Razak Jumuah, which discusses the following:
a. Trade cooperation opportunities between the two countries and discussing a number of limiting constraints include language communication constraints between employers, the high cost of importation from Indonesia which causes low competitiveness and currency fluctuations.
b. Both parties understand the importance of increasing cooperation that can increase added value by sending semi-finished products and finalizing products carried out in South Africa in the UMKM, Textile and Furniture sectors.

Activities at night continued to the city of Peitermaritzburg (PMB) by meeting Major Councillour Peitermaritzburg, Mr. Themba Njillo. The meeting discussed a number of potential and efforts to increase cooperation in the economic and trade fields, including: a. Understanding by the leaders of the two countries to improve economic and trade cooperation. b. PMB has a large industrial potential, especially in the aluminum industry sector, the cooking oil industry sector, and the pulp product industry sector for textile raw materials. c. Also presented were a number of obstacles for Indonesian businessmen to do business with South Africa, namely the constraints of granting business visit visas that require quite a long time (approximately 2 weeks). d. Regarding business visa constraints, the PMB mayor said that he would assist and guarantee the visa-making process for Indonesian businessmen who would open their businesses in the PMB region. e. Major Councillour Peitermaritzburg is very keen to visit the Trade Expo Indonesia 2018 while also requesting an MOU with one of the cities in Indonesia in the form of a Sister City

The next meeting at the Pietermaritzburg Chamber office with Mrs. Melanie as CEO of PMB Chambers was accompanied by several members, discussed a number of things, namely:
a. Efforts to sign MoU on cooperation between PMB Chambers and KADIN from Indonesia as well as sister city cooperation between the city of PMB and one city in Indonesia.
b. PMB is one city that focuses on promoting the health industry and hospitals.
c. Investment plan of PT. Indofood Sukses Makmur, Tbk as one of the producers of instant noodles to be explored in order to be built in the City of PMB.
d. Development of the concept of supply chain cooperation in the MSME sector and furniture.
e. PMB Chambers offers potential investment in the TDM company as a producer of wood doors at PMB.

In addition to business meetings, a visit was also made to a number of business actors who have imported products from Indonesia, namely a visit to the Mat-Chem Company, which is a wax producer in South Africa and has collaborated on the importation of Paraffin Wax products from Indonesia through PT. Pertamina. During the visit, Mr. Ismail Laher as the owner of the company expressed plans to develop the importation of glycerin products from Indonesia and will deliver product specifications to be followed up.